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Disney’s Zootopia As A Crime Thriller

If you thought "Zootopia" was to light, take this edit from by Bobby Burns from CineFix and enjoy the alternative


Movie Elf Recut As A Thriller

The Christmas days are over - so why not turn classic Christmas flicks into totally different versions? CineFix turned "Elf"


Barack Obama Sings ‘Thriller’ By Michael Jackson

Ever since the creepy music video for Michael Jackson's hit song Thriller debuted, it has been one of the unofficial songs


Extremely Pregnant Woman Dances To Thriller

To say that Bonnie Northsea is very pregnant would be an understatement. Even though her due date has already passed, the


Michael Jackson’s Thriller Sung In 20 Different Style Halloween Styles

Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs is a cover artist master, recreating popular songs in countless different styles and genres. In


Boy’s Epic Thriller Dance On Baseball Jumbotron

Everyone loves attention, and the highlight of many people's day is getting on the jumbotron. This little dude shows off


Michael Jackson Thriller A Cappella

Music group Duwende performs an a cappella version of the timeless hit Thriller by Michael Jackson.


Halloween Light Show House – Pump It Black Eyed Peas, Thriller Michael Jackson

A huge Halloween theme light show. I can't believe some one spent a ton of time setting up the animation


Midget Lip Syncs, Dances, Sings Thriller

In honor of Halloween, YouTube's most famous dancing tiny dude dances and lip syncs to Michael Jackson's Thriller.


Windows Phone 7 Team Thriller Dance

After month of hard work on the new Windows Phone 7, the Microsoft team has a parade and dance to