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How To Time Travel

This time (or next time or last time...) AWE me present us the ultimate "EPIC HOW TO" time travel. via:

2016 President Obama Chats with 2009 President Obama

On the "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" we got to see a cool piece of time traveling technique. They


Twins Prank People On Train With Time Travel Gag

The pranksters at Improv Everywhere have put together a truly unique prank for their latest project. First, they had a man walk through


One-Minute Time Machine Short Film

Don't you wish you could travel through time. Every time you've made a silly mistake in public you could simply


Time Travel Paradoxes

Time travel has always intrigued humanity. Many science fiction and non-fiction books cover the topic, and there are countless famous movies


Six Ways To Time Travel

Scientists and nerds have been dreaming of time-travel for years, but is it possible to journey through time other than


90’s Nickelodeon Show Clarissa Explains It All Predicts ‘Cowboys And Aliens’

The Nickelodeon show Clarissa Explains It All aired from 1991 to 1994 and was just a simple sitcom for kids