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Tina Fey Impersonates Palin Endorsing Donald Trump

Saturday Night Live has been famous for decades for their hilarious impersonations of politicians and presidents. Without a doubt, one of the…

Tina Fey Strips Down To Her Spanx To Say Goodbye To David Letterman

Late night television will never be the same. The Late Show with David Letterman is coming to close this month. Now that…

Sh*t Liz Lemon Says

The Sh*t Girls Say meme has been over for sometime, but a few golden stragglers keep popping up. NBC's 30…

Tina Fey Talks With Google

Tina Fey, famous for her SNL career, and creating and acting in the hit TV show, 30 Rock, sits down…

Japanese 30 Rock Intro

Ever wonder what your favorite TV shows look like overseas? Here's the intro to Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin's famous…


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