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Why Tipping Should Be Banned

Nothing ruins a dinner at a nice restaurant than receiving the check. That's when the debate over the tip begins.…

How To Cut A Bunch Of Cherry Tomatoes At Once Hack

Life hacker DaveHax has gone viral with his latest quick and simple trick. Cutting cherry tomatoes is one of the most annoying…

Waitress Gets ‘Pranked’ With Life Changing Tips

Break is well known for their obnoxious pranks. But they feel a little guilty now. To scrub their conscious, they've decided…

Johnny T’s NYC Tourist Tips

New York City native puppet Johnny T of the popular muppet channel Glove and Boots has stepped forward to offer a helping…

Why You Should Spiral Cut Your Hot Dog

Just in time for the Fourth of July, CHOW brings us a Chow Tip how and why we should cut out…



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