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Tracy Morgan’s First Interview Since Fatal Car Crash

As most of his fans already know, Tracy Morgan was in a severe car accident a year ago when a


Grumpy Cat On Australian Today Show

Apparently, it takes a while for trends to make it to Australia. Grumpy Cat originally went viral last September, but


Apollo Robbins Pick Pocketing On Today

Cara Chan posted this clip from the Today Show last week, and now it stands with over 3.9 million views. Apollo


Haunted Toaster From Today Show In 1984

Ever feel like mainstream television is only getting dumber and dumber as you age? Perhaps we feel that way because


Al Roker Freezes On Today Show

This short clip of the Today Show from last week has gone viral, amassing over 675,000 views. What happened? In


Horrible Parents Won’t Let Mensa Toddler Use The Restroom During TODAY Interview

Emmelyn Roettger was just announced as the youngest person to be accepted into the hyper-intelligent MENSA group, and was invited


Bill Cosby On Donald Trump Running For President

 Bill Cosby calls out Donald Trump on the Today Show. When asked about Trump running for president, Cosby brushes it


Bryant Gumbel And Katie Couric Don’t Know What The Internet Is – Today Show 1994

It's amazing how times have changed so dramatically in seventeen years. On one Today Show episode in 1994, Bryant Gumbel


Ted Williams Opens Today Show

Ted Williams seems to be the new Antoine Dodson of 2011. His fame continues as he is featured on NBC's


Beyonce Surprises Today Show

The Today Show panel are talking with Miss Tina, better known as Beyonce's mom, about her clothing line for shapely women. Out


Chelsea Clinton Wedding Discussed On NBC Today Show

Doug Wead is interviewed by Lester Holt in an NBC segment on the Chelsea Clinton wedding day.