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How To Make A Skateboard From Toilet Paper

Beyond The Press uses a hydraulic press to turn a bunch of toilet paper rolls into a skateboard deck. It


Building A Toilet Paper Fort At Walmart

Building a fort out of toy blocks and blankets is always good for some serious fun. JStu took this concept to the next


Useless Toilet Paper Machine Is Your Worst Nightmare

The Useless Duck Company is appropriately named as they make extremely useless and crazy inventions that nobody ever asked for. Their


Dad And Son Fire Toilet Paper Cannon At Mom

When mom leaves home, dad and son will play. While home alone with his young son, Eric Cire decided to team


Big Cats Play With Toilet Paper

Everyone knows that cats love to play with toilet paper. That got the Big Cat Rescue wondering, would big, wild cats


Adorable Cat Unrolls, Then Re-Rolls Toilet Paper

Cats are notorious for unrolling toilet paper. They just love to tap at the roll and watch as the paper


Auburn Campus Covered In Toilet Paper After Iron Bowl 2013 Victory

There has been a tradition for ages at Auburn University to toilet paper the campus after an away game victory


John Brown U Fans TP The Court At First Season Game

As is tradition for over thirty years, hundreds of John Brown University fans totally TP'ed the court at their first