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Toilet Reading – Then vs Nowx


Long Term Relationship Barbie


Don’t Flush Sodium Down The Toilet

Grant Thompson makes a little experiment, throwing some sodium down the toilet. So you don't have to do it (and


You Will Be Creeped Out How Easy It Is For A Rat To Wriggle Up Your Toilet

An animals climbing up through the toilet is a fear most of us can understand. Can you imagine sitting on


Public Restrooms Around the World Compilation

We take a lot of things for granted in America. One is that there is most likely a somewhat clean,


Man Has Hilarious Reaction When Using Korean Spraying Toilet

In the US, we're all used to the standard flushing toilet. But in many parts of Asia, high-tech toilets are


Useless Toilet Paper Machine Is Your Worst Nightmare

The Useless Duck Company is appropriately named as they make extremely useless and crazy inventions that nobody ever asked for. Their


What Happens After You Flush

Most people reading this website are lucky enough to live in a place that has running water and a sewage system. When


Dad Explains How To Change Toilet Paper Roll

As every parent knows, getting your teen to help with household chores is nearly impossible. Even something as simple as changing


Coke Used To Clean A Dirty Toilet

Everyone knows that drinking Coca-Cola isn't good for you, but most of us drink the delicious fizzy sugar drink anyways. Perhaps this


Public Toilet Glass Door Frosts When Locked

For many travelers, this public bathroom door is completely mundane and banal. However, countless viewers have made it clear that


Irish Guys Try To Unblock Toilet With Firecracker

Lochlann Carney and is Irish flatmates had a common bachelor problem on their hands. Someone had clogged the toilet, and no