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Little Boy Is Obsessed With Toilets

For as long as his mom can remember, four year old Dustin Kruse has been obsessed with toilets. First it…

Mom Discovers Baby Standing In Toilet

Once kids learn to walk the real fun of parenting begins. Kids can, and will, end up anywhere and everywhere…

New Super High Tech Toilet From Kohler Commercial

The toilet is something we all take for granted. We sit down, and do our business; there's really not much…

Longest Flushing Toilet

There is a very special toilet in the Prior Health Sciences Library at Ohio State. There is an old legend…

Strange Japanese Trash Bag Portable Toilet

The Japanese have always been famous for strange and bizarre inventions. This new portable 'toilet'¬†definitely¬†belongs on the top ten list.…

Soccer Players Celebrate As Human Toilet

After a goal in this football game, three players create a human toilet, complete with seat. The player who made…



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