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U.S. Embassy Does The Koi Dance As A Christmas Greeting

When politicians get the groove on - love it! The people from the U.S. Embassy Tokyo (and other cities) united


Crazy Tokyo Trip By Pro BMX’er Nigel Sylvester

In the third installation of his "GO!" series Nigel Sylvester plows through Tokyo with lots of skills and cool transitions.


Two Guys Perform Smooth Criminal On Cello

It was once thought that string instruments were for classical music and that was it. But you need the drums


Japanese Police Drone Captures Nearby Drones Using Net

If you weren't sure that we are living in the future, here is concrete proof. Most developed countries are now dealing


Little Girl Godzilla Adorably Destroys Toy Tokyo

Every parent of course loves their children, but when the little ones throw a terrible temper tantrum they can really


Walking Backwards Through Tokyo In Reverse

This month old video by Simon Bouisson is simply mind-blowing. To create the stunning visuals in this clip, Simon walked backwards


Welcome To Tokyo Music Video

Japanese band WORLD ORDER is known online for their unique and surreal dancing in their hit music videos. Their performance on


Japan Carefully Tears Building Down From Inside Out Instead Of Using Explosive Demolitions

Tokyo, Japan is famous for being one of most densely populated cities in the world. Naturally, the skyline is just


Rock Paper Scissors Robot Can’t Lose

When playing a human in the famous childhood game Janken, or Rock Paper Scissors, each player has a 33% chance of winning,


Trippy Slow Motion Footage Of Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan is already a crazy, unique place to an outsider. But add slow motion special effects and appropriate music, and you