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Pranking Criminals With A Bait Smartphone With An Electrical Shocker Built In

Ever see the law enforcement reality show Bait Car? To catch would be car jackers, cops will often leave a…

‘Brothers’ From The Hood Go Caroling In Suburbia Prank

Pranksters on YouTube absolutely love messing with people in the so-called hood. You can get lost searching through all the 'in…

Epic Don’t Drink And Drive Prank The Sequel

At the end of 2013, prankster Tom Mabe went viral with his epic don't drink and drive prank. After a friend of…

Flying Demon Grim Reaper Halloween Prank

Online prankster Tom Mabe has gone viral with his new Epic Halloween Prank. Somehow, he sent a flying and screaming demon monster…

Escaped Lion At The Park Prank

YouTube is packed with prankster these days, but Tom Mabe is one of the originals, standing with over 19 million…

Pranksters Anonymously Order Pizza For Homeless Couple

Pranksters Tom Mabe, Roman Atwood, and Dennis Roady decided to choose altruism over menacing fun for their latest prank. Mabe called a pizza place…



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