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You Can Hear The Difference Between Hot And Cold Water

Steve Mould made a little guest video for Tom Scott demonstrating to us that we hace a super power! "Hot


This Single Swedish Town Has Discovered Four Elements

Tom Scott visits the little scandinavian town Ytterby to tell us a bit about it's great scientific history. A quarter


The World Is Slowly Running Out Of Sand

This is kind of mindblown. Over 300,000 people have seen this informative video by Tom Scott explaining to us, why


Mountain Dew Rots Your Teeth More Than Coca-Cola

For years, Coca Cola has had a bad name as a sugary drink responsible for weight gain and even bad


Human-Powered Theme Park Playground Looks Like Tons Of Fun

Ai Pioppi is a restaurant in the middle of nowhere in Italy that is very unique. Besides for serving delicious Italian


The Driverless Cars of Greenwich

There's been a lot of talk about self-driving cars recently. Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, and Google are all racing to debut the first


How Green Screen Technology Worked Before Computers

Today, even a teenager on YouTube using simple programs and cameras can make a video that back in the day


What Do The Numbers On Toasters Mean

Apparently, there are incorrect rumors circulating online that the numbers on the toaster dial refer to how many minutes the bread


Man Makes His Own Toll Road In England

After a landslide occurred on Kelston Road in England, several small towns were cut off from the city of Bath.


Why Britain Uses Separate Hot and Cold Sink Taps

Most people who visit Great Britain are shocked to see that most sinks have two taps, one for cold and


How To Land A Plane In An Emergency

It's a classic movie premise. You are a passenger on a flight when suddenly, the pilot is unresponsive. It is


Third Person Driving Using A Drone For Sight

British scientist Tom Scott conducted a rare driving experiment that was impossible only a short time ago. He had two drivers that