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Epic Rap Battles Of History: Tony Hawk vs Wayne Gretzky

The newest issue of Epic Rap Battles Of History features two sports legends of our time: skateboarder Tony Hawk and


Tony Hawk Eats Spicy Wings With Hot Ones

So this is rather special. Hot Ones, the YouTube channel with the really spicy interviews, had their first live edition


Tony Hawk Lands 900 Skateboard Jump

Skateboarding and Tony Hawk go together like basketball and Michael Jordan. Even though he's 48 years old he's still pushing


Tony Hawk Challenges Amateur Skateboarder For Charity

In case you missed it, Mike Boyd went viral back in November when his video showing him complete the skateboard kickflip trick with


Tony Hawk Skates First-Ever Horizontal Loop

World famous skateboarder Tony Hawk might be nearing 50 year old, but you wouldn't know it. Even today, he is


Lil Wayne And Conan Play Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5

Video game companies love sports games because they can just tweak the concept a little each year and then sell a


Tony Hawk Rides World’s First Real Hendo Hoverboard. For Real This Time

Veteran viewers will remember the Funny or Die hoverboard prank video which purportedly showed celebrities like legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk riding


Tony Hawk Jumps A MINI

Tony Hawk maybe 46 years old, but he's still got it! In this newly trending video by skater channel RIDE, Tony


Tony Hawk Interviews Louis C.K.

Dane Cook may have been the first stand up comic to take full advantage of the web back in its