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Don’t Watch This If You Are Afraid Of Heights!

YouTuber olegcricket vistet "the TOP of Toronto" and made some crazy moves up there. I can't even watch it... And


‘Moron’ Jumps Over Fence At Tiger Exhibit At Zoo To Retrieve His Hat

A cheap hat is replaceable. An arm or a leg, however, is not. That apparently didn't matter to one man


Toronto Zoo Panda Rolls Down Snowy Hill

It doesn't take much for an adorable panda to go viral. Last week, the Toronto Zoo  caught their giant panda Da Mao


Polar Bear Cub Introduced to Snow for the First Time

The Toronto Zoo's adorable new resident went viral three weeks with over 5 million views! Now, their precious polar bear cub


Polar Bear Cub’s First Steps Are Adorable

This adorable animal video by Toronto Zoo has instantly gone viral with over a quarter million hits already! The clip features


Giving An iPhone 5S To A Stranger

Even though the phone is nearly the same as the last iteration, Apple's new iPhone 5S has already sold out!


World’s Greatest Pizza Dough Twirler

This video was posted by Robert Gold way back in 2008, but the clip is trending again more recently. Gold was shocked


Man Conducts Toronto Traffic After Traffic Light Malfunction

There's nothing like a broken traffic light at a busy intersection to slow down your commute. Especially before the police


Munenori Kawasaki’s Post Game Interview

Japanese Blue Jays baseball player Munenori Kawasaki has become an instant viral video star over the extended weekend. After beating the


Terrence Ross Slam Dunk Contest Highlights In Super Slowmotion

Over the weekend, Toronto Raptors rookie Terrence Ross won the NBA Sprite Slam Dunk Contest. The NBA just published this slow motion highlights


Snowplows Clear Highway 401 In Canada

The snow in Canada is like the sun in Florida, it has come to be expected. So when Canada is


Engineering Flash Mob During Exam

As a fun prank to play on first year engineering students at the University of Toronto, skulenite and others planned an 'Engineering