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Aaron Dobson One Handed, Backwards Touchdown Catch

Every weekend there are countless popular football videos, but this week, there is one that stands separate from the rest. Marshal wide receiver Aaron


Joe Adams Amazing Punt Return Touch Down Against Tennessee

Arkansas was already up 7-0 against Tennessee as the first quarter was about to end. But with only 40 seconds


Chris Houston Intercepts Tim Tebow’s Pass And Runs 100 Yard Touchdown

Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos threw a pass for a touchdown, but, instead, Chris Houston of the Detroit Lions


High School Football Amazing Five Yard Touchdown Dive

High school safety and running back, Kimlon KJ Dillon of Apopka, Florida scored an amazing touchdown by diving five yards


University Of Virginia Returns Last Second Punt To Beat Emory & Henry College

With just ten seconds left in the Southwest Virginia Bowl, Emory & Henry College was up by three against the University


High School Football Player Ninja Flips To Score Touchdown

High school football can be more intense than even the NFL. It was double overtime during the Red Bank Catholic


Touchdown Planking Celebration

There's a secret to our North that many Americans do not know about. Canada has their own football league, simply


Crazy Touchdown Dance

I didn't think this video would go as viral as it has. This guy won $10,000 dancing his crazy touchdown


Incomplete Pass Is Really Fumble, Corey Redding Touchdown, Pittsburgh Steelers VS Baltirmore Ravens 1/15/11

Next time there's an incomplete pass, make sure that's what it is, and not a fumble. If you look closely


Super Mario Marshawn Lynch Touchdown

Marshawn Lynch scored an epic touchdown against the New Orleans Saints that many are calling one of the greatest runs


Marshawn Lynch 67 Yard Run Touch Down Sea Hawks VS Saints

So many times when there's a hand off the runner gets knocked down after a three or four yard gain. Marshawn


Adrian Hillburn Salute Causes Kansas State Loss VS Syracuse

Adrian Hillburn makes a touchdown and for a moment salutes in celebration. The refs call this unsportsmanlike conduct and he