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David Garrard Hail Mary Jacksonville Jaguars VS Houstan Texans 11/14/10

David Garrard of the Jacksonville Jaguars launches a 50 yard Hail Mary to the end zone. The ball is knocked


Middle School Walk Through Defense Slowly Touchdown Trick Play

This move seems so good, it belongs in a Disney movie. The quarterback asks calmly for the ball to be


Canadian Football Field Goal Kick Miss, Kick Back, Kick Again For Touch Down – Toronto VS Montreal

I don't understand football that well, and Canadian football seems even more complex. What is going on? Montreal tries for


High School Football Announcer Goes Crazy When Mathew Showalter Picks Up Fumble Touchdown

The announcer is calm and ready for the play. The Yellowjackets fumble he goes ape ----, screaming. Batesville's Matthew Showalter picks up the


Joe Sobucki 80 Yard Run Touchdown

Joe Sobucki pulls a 80 yard touchdown run, then  79 yard touchdown. Run Joey Run.


Alphonso Smith Dances Like Carlton Banks For Touch Down Celebration Dance

We all know and love Carlton Banks' dancing. Alphonso Smith also loves his dancing. After scoring a touch down, Alphonso


Marky Thompkins Hurdles Defense Man For Touch Down, Potters VS Struthers

Marky Thompkins, of the East Liverpool Potters, jumps right over a defense man into the end zone.


Aaron Dobson 96 Yards Touch Down – Marshal VS West Virginia

Now that's how you execute a Hail Mary. Many people call fumble right before Aaron entered the end zone, he


Dave Stala Plays Hacky Sack After Touch Down

Hamilton VS Saskatchewan. Kevin Glenn passes to receiver Dave Stala. Dave scores the touch down and plays a little hacky