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Super Serious Guy Freaks Out Over Simple Prank

YouTubers RomanAtwood were pranking people in the mall with a simple gag of dropping a toy spider in front of them. Everyone


Hot Wheels City

Every kid dreams of building their very own toy city out of Legos or Hot Wheels, but it usually ends up being


Man Shows Off Toy Robot He Invented

For years, Jamie has been trying to build his own sweet toy robot. Finally, after a grueling process, he is


Awesome Lego Rube Goldberg Style Machine

As technology progesses even the simplest of toys progress as well. Today, you can build complex machines and robots out


Heavy Metal Rock Band Suicide Silence Gives Needy Children Toys For Christmas

As they always say, never judge a book by its cover. Suicide Silence may seem a little rough on the


Wise Toddler Explains The Wrongs Of Strict Gender Assignment In Marketing Of Children’s Toys

Riley is only a kid, but she is wise beyond her years. She asks her father at the toy store why can


Thousands Of Teddy Bears Thrown Onto Hockey Rink For Charity

It has become a tradition for fans of the Canadian hockey team Calgary Hitmen to partake in an annual teddy


Six Finger Toy Commercial From The 1960’s

This vintage commercial was posted online in December 2009, but just went viral now after being featured on BoingBoing, StuffIStole,


Ten Unforgettable Christmas Toy Presents

With Christmas just around the corner, kids are ruffling through toy magazines and checking out their favorite websites trying to


Toy Goes Cross Country With Google Maps Stop Motion

As a toy man on a desk, your world is very restrictive. Your only friends are the stapler and the


HexBug Larva Toy Bug Robot

The HexBug Larva is the perfect gift for those interested in technology and robotics. The robot bug slithers around realistically,


Lego Mindstorms Digital Clock

The Lego Mindstorms line up is actually no toy at all. It's a complex, sophisticated set of hardware and software