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Lego Smart Phone Hybrid Robot Solves Rubik’s Cube In Seconds

The Rubik's Cube puzzle has been a stumbling block for humans ever since it was created in 1974. But this


Huge Hot Wheels Track Goes All Around The House

Hot Wheels were the coolest as a little boy, but you could never afford the cool tracks and upgrades that


Lego Ford Explorer Time Lapse

To promote their new alliance, Ford and LegoLand Florida Theme Park built a full sized Ford Explorer in their Chicago assembly plant


Epic Eight Foot Long Homemade Lego Star Destroyer

Here is an amazing replica of a Venator class Star Destroyer built entirely from Legos. There are no non-Lego parts, supports, or


Lego 3D Printer

Here is a Lego version of a 3d printer. The concept is simple. Enter a 3d image into the computer


Baby Scared Of Jack In The Box

The Jack In The Box toy is almost universal. Every culture has some form of this horrible toy. I don't


Coldplay – Viva La Vida Completely Lego Music Video

NXTManiac94 has been working on and off for two years on a Lego music video for Cold Play's 2008 hit song,


Using Lego Robots To Break In

This older video from 2009 has gone on for years with almost no views. It just now became popular on


Playing With Toy Soldiers That Really Shoot

Shay Carl and his Shaytards are some of the most popular YouTubers on the Internet. One day, Shay decided to play toy


Realistic Working Lego Model Porsche 911

There are many working Lego cars, robots, and contraptions online, but this maybe one of the best. It is an


Woody Hanging On To Car In Real Life

Remember that classic scene in Disney's Toy Story, when Woody is holding onto Andy's car for dear life? Well, welcome


LegoLand Employees Prank Manager, Swap Car With Lego Copy

LegoLand in California is a magical place where adults work with Legos all day, and get paid for it too!