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Amazingly Tiny Miniature Toy Collection

RRcherrypie shows us a deliciously tiny meal, all 'cooked' by her extremely small miniature kitchen toy set. It's insane how


Real Life Hot Wheels Car Breaks Record Jump

Toy Hot Wheels are cool. But real life Hot Wheels is even cooler. Hot Wheels sponsored race car drier, Tanner Foust,


Tallest Lego Tower

Lego lovers in Brazil have built the world's tallest Lego building ever. It took 500,000 Legos and 6,000 Lego fans


Japanese Girl Hacks Furby

I didn't know Furby still existed, but apparently, they are still big in Japan. Julie Watai is a cute Japanese nerd


Girl Makes Real Life Size Barbie That Looks Like Monster

Almost every little girl has owned a Barbie and played with her. But is that really healthy. One high school


Epic World Record Rube Goldberg Machine From Purdue U

Get ready to see the newest world record breaking Rube Goldberg Machine. Not only does it have awesome electrical moving


Working Lego Starcraft Tank

The Siege Tank in the Starcraft world is a feared unit. In siege mode, the tank becomes immobile, but also extends


Toy Truck Plays Music Driving On Record

This old video from 2006 just started to receive a lot of attention recently. Who need big, expensive record players?


Math Girl Talks About Toy Snakes

Who else remembers these toys? The snakes that bend and break apart. Our nerdy girl friend discusses all these is


RC Flying Fish Balloon – Air Swimmers

You may have seen small helium balloons with some form of remote control, but these are much cooler. Air Swimmers


Dog Scared Of Toy Robot

There are plenty of video of dogs scared of toys and robots. This video just took off. A dog is


Working Lego Cross Bow And Machine Gun

Legos are already awesome, so how can you make them even cooler? Build a working cross bow and machine gun