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Tic Tac Dominoes

This must have taken forever to set up. A huge tic tac toe game set up completely with dominoes. Watching…

Huge Hot Wheels Toy Car Track

Marble tracks are baby food compared to this. This has to be one of the biggest, baddest, most epic Hot…

Barbie When I Grow Up I Can Be Anything Commercial

Barbie really has evolved over the years. She first was white, unrealistically thin and tall, and promoted sexism. Now Barbie…

Parrot Plays With Toy Parrot

I can't imagine what this parrot is thinking. It looks like a parrot, but just doesn't seem...real. The parrot gives…

Sick Dying Taunted Girl, Kathleen Edward, Given Toy Store Shopping Spree And Red Carpet Treatment

Kathleen Edward is terminally ill with huntington disease. Her situation viral when she was taunted by her neighbors. The Internet was…



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