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Adults Play With Classic 90’s Toys

Ahh, the 90's, the favorite decade of the Internet. Everything was better back in the 90's, at least it feels


Nerd Creates Remote Control Tie Fighter Drone

Remember the remote control Millennium Falcon drone that went viral a month ago? After such a great response, remote control


World’s Simplest Electric Toy Train Part 2

Back at the end of November, AmazingScience 君 went viral with their creative 'toy train' made from a spiral copper wire


Fifty Shades Of Grey Trailer Recreated With Lego

Antonio Toscano is a very special kind of director. He creates short films and parodies movie trailers using Legos and stop motion


Dog Is Adorably Confused By Squeaky Toy

Most dogs can't get enough of squeaky toys. They'll often squeak them over and over until their owners regret ever


People Fly A Brain-Controlled Helicopter

The future is finally here. How do we know? Well besides for the fact that it's 2015, the year of


Ken Box Crazy Cart Gymkhana Spoof Part Two

Most car and racing enthusiasts are familiar with Ken Block's Gymkhana racing series. Ken is a master driver who performs epic,


World’s Simplest Electric Toy Train Is Just A Magnet And Copper Wire

Toy trains don't have to be complicated. Science channel Amazing Science demonstrates how to make a toy 'train' using just a copper wire as


Lego Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens Trailer

The brand new teaser trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens just came out this Friday. And it only


Girl’s Flying Fairy Toy Flies Away

have become very popular these days. Some don't work so well while others work too well. This adorable viral video


Second Graders React To Realistic Lammily Doll

Back in March, Nickolay Lamm introduced his ambitious idea for a doll that was based on reality instead of fantasy. He and his team


High Tech Wireless Squeaking Duck Is Pretty Much Useless

Technology is supposed to make life easier. But sometimes, nerds like to use high tech just for the fun of it.