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Mini Roller Coaster Pulled By Tractor

Some crazy geniuses took everything we all love about roller coaster at amusement parks, and crammed all that into a single float being…

Tractor Passes Car On The Autobahn

The Autobahn is literally one of a kind. Only in Germany can you drive on a highway with no speed limits.…

Swedish Farmer Puts Turbo Charged Volvo Engine In His Tractor

Mikael240karlsson and his Swedish friends are true speed junkies. For their latest venture, they installed a turbo charged Volvo engine in…

Jazz Band Uses Tractor Engine For Drum Beat

This video from the summer of 2010 had almost no views, until suddenly going viral this new year. A Swedish…

Man In Tractor Crashing Rampage At Walmart Parking Lot

 For a good five minutes, a crazy man drives around a Walmart parking lot in a huge tractor. He smashes…


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