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The Dancing Traffic Light

Everyone hates waiting at the pedestrian traffic light. Many simply run across the street when they find a break in…

Motorcyclist Wakes Up Driver Sleeping At Red Light

This would be more funny if it wasn't so dangerous. Jonathon Brady was motorcycling through town when the car in front…

Man Conducts Toronto Traffic After Traffic Light Malfunction

There's nothing like a broken traffic light at a busy intersection to slow down your commute. Especially before the police…

Pedestrian Accidently Knocks Down Traffic Light

It's not uncommon for pedestrians walking down the street to grab a light pole and twirl around it. And that's…

Red Light Crashes In New Jersey Compilation

Like every company, American Traffic Solutions wants to use YouTube to their advantage. As they are a company that sells red light…

Cat Sits On Traffic light

Sometimes, being simple gives you a better to go viral. Here, a little kitten sits on a traffic light covering…


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