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A Random Rock Paper Scissors Appears

Stuck in traffic? Play a game!


Kids And Traffic…

Nice and quiet neighborhood, or at least at first sight. But don't forget about the kids running around! This driver


Angry Pedestrian Finds A New Enemy

This fail is what you get for yelling at your fellow humans. Don't ever be like this jerk and karma-wise


Helicopter Pilot Asks Trucker For Directions

So this happened. Zello Kaz got over 1.4 million views for this crazy traffic intervention. via: blameitonthevoices


This Is Why You Shouldn’t Tailgate A Cloud Of Smoke

Dmitry Panshin uploaded this video of a dashcam recording a little winter drive behind a cloud of snowy dust. 200,000


Driving Hitting 240 Green Lights In A Row

For some people, "luck" is to win in the lottery, for others it is to have lots of green lights


Self-Driving Uber Running Red Light

This video of a self-lawbreaking Uber car is trending right now. Without any hint of hesitation it totally ignores the


In Russia, Self-Driving Car Ejects You (And Then Parks Perfectly)

A few annotations for this video: - Get well soon. - But #1: The person landing on the street didn't


Iced Roads Make Crazy Traffic Mess At This Intersection In Montreal

You would think that Canadians are used to snow and ice a lot so the breaking of winter wouldn't be


Dog Waits For Green Light To Cross The Street

Of course you don't cross a street when the light shows red. Even when no cars are around. Even when

Dog Tries To Eat RainDrops Out Of Car Window

Who's a good boy? A dog who catches EVERY rain drop! Jessica Laing filmed a doberman pinscher dog trying to


Bus drives straight throug roundabout

Just a normal day in Russia... via: b3ta