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The Simple Solution To Traffic

Everyone hates traffic. It's one of the worst parts about living in a big city. There are few things that


Busy Intersection With No Traffic Lights Or Signs Is Your Commute Nightmare

Los Angeles is already famous for having some of the worst traffic in the country. Somehow, adam palya discovered a busy intersection


Hero Plays Drums While Stuck In Standstill Traffic

Have you ever been cruising down the freeway only to come to an complete stop in traffic. Every lane. Frozen.


Semi-Truck Incredibly Swerves Around Van At Last Second In Traffic

Most of us detest getting stuck in traffic, but when compared with other countries we should really count our blessings. Traffic


Giant Traffic Jam In China Is Insane

Everyone hates getting stuck in traffic, especially when they are late for work or an appointment. But you have no idea just


Lamborghini Spontaneously Catches Fire In Dubai Traffic

Dubai is one of the richest countries in the Middle East. As a result, it is a hot bed for


Russian Guy Directs Traffic At Busy Intersection When Traffic Light Goes Out

Traffic is already pretty out of control in many parts of Russia, but when a traffic light goes out the


Girl’s Impressions Of Celebrities Stuck In Traffic Are Perfect

Comedian and actress Lauren O'Brien loves posting her celebrity impressions on her Instagram. After performing so many spot on impersonations, she made


The Dancing Traffic Light

Everyone hates waiting at the pedestrian traffic light. Many simply run across the street when they find a break in


Rush Hour Intersection Traffic Condensed

Black Sheep Films took video of rush hour traffic for one intersection and condensed it all into one minute. The results are


Getting Stuck In Traffic At 6 AM In Montreal

*Language Warning* You're sick and tired of getting stuck in traffic on your way to work. By the time you


Motorcyclist Wakes Up Driver Sleeping At Red Light

This would be more funny if it wasn't so dangerous. Jonathon Brady was motorcycling through town when the car in front