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Morning Commute Nightmare

[embed][/embed] If the trains in the above video only had something like automatic passenger counting... What is automatic passenger counting?


Car Waiting At Railway Crossing Has Honk-Off With Train

Car Waiting At Railway Crossing Has Honk-Off With Train Traffic can be very boring, waiting for a long train to


Train Splits an 18 Wheeler in Half

If you think you are having a bad day, at least you (most likely) aren't this truck driver. He somehow


The Footage Of This Train Colliding With Heaps Of Snow Is Surprisingly Poetic

What do you do when you see the train arriving, with six inches of snow piled up on its tracks?


Awesome Underwater LEGO Train

This cool underwater tunnel built by BANANENBUURMAN got viral arount the change of years with over half a million views


Train Line Leads Through House

So Edward Elric found the perfectly tethered flat! Only a few centimeters to the train... via: cartoonland


Self Proclaimed Idiot Hops Freight Trains Across New York

For most of America's history, trains have been an integral part of the culture. Self proclaimed idiot Jeff Seal wanted to go on


Why Trains Suck In America

We sure do love our cars and trucks in America. But around the world, most people don't drive and don't fly


New Yorkers Just Missing Their Train

Like all things in life, living in New York City has its positives and negatives. Take the subway for example. For


Reading Books With Outrageous Fake Covers On The Subway Part Two

Last month, comedian Scott Rogowsky  went viral with his hilarious idea of reading books with fake, outrageous titles on the covers


Epic Lego Train Track Will Take You For A Ride

As their name implies, TrainGuy 659 specializes in all things trains. Even though this video features video taken from a toy train,


Escalator Descending Down Int Pyongyang’s Subway Is Eerie

North Korea is one of the most secluded countries in the world. Nearly all media companies are banned from the country,