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Crazy Man Yells At Trucks And Trains

This video was posted on August, but just went viral now. A hilariously disturbed guy goes around yelling at trucks


Surprise Singing Proposal On British Subway

There's an unspoken rule around the world that passengers on public transportation don't talk. If someone starts singing or talking


Cat Waits For Owner Everyday At Train Station

A cat in Australia has become a small town celebrity for always hanging around a train platform. Every morning and afternoon commuters


World’s Shortest Train

There's nothing worse than cruising down the road and hitting every green light, only to just be stopped by a


Train Freeloaders Perform Stunts While Hanging Onto Moving Train

Trains are used far more around the world than in the United States. Here, two crazy kids jump on the


Shakespeare Performance On Subway Train

Anything can happen on a NYC subway ride. People can lick their own shoes, perform a pole stripper dance, or


Grocery Shopping In Subways With Cellphones

A grocery chain in South Korea made a genius business step. They put gorgeous, realistic looking posters all over subway


Train About To Hit Man Is Really CGI Scene

Your car stalls right on the tracks. What are the odds? But wait! What's that sound and familiar rumble. A


Harvard Educated Woman Fights With Train Staff

I guess they don't teach manners at Ivy League schools. This loud mouth woman was talking loud and cursing, and


Flooding Washes Away Rocks Supporting Train Tracks In Canada

Flooding has hit America hard this season, but our neighbor to the North has also had some serious water problems.


Crazy Man On Subway Licks His Shoe Clean

Lots of craziness occurs on the New York City subway system. Here's a scene that belongs on the top ten


Gourmet Dining On New York Subway Train

New York City is famous for its upscale fine dining. It's also famous for its grungy, dirty subway system. No