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Guy FAILS USA Chant On NYC Subway Train

There are unspoken rules on the New York City subway. Screaming and requesting people to sing is definitely a big


Guy Freaks Out That He’s The Only One On DC Metro Train

Public transportation has it up sides. It's cheap and convenient. But the price you pay is late buses and over


Serious Interviews On NYC Subways

The New York City subway system is one of the best in the world. But with it's speed and convenience


Electrical Explosion On Top Of Train

A train has some serious electrical problems and the sparks literally start to fly. The scene looks like it came


Chinese Guys Sleeping Standing In Subway

You have to be damn tired to sleep so soundly on a subway. To stand and sleep on a subway


TSA Search Children Travelers AFTER Departing From Amtrak Train

With all that's going on these days, people seem to have forgotten that the TSA is destroying American freedom. Now


Market Place On Live Train Tracks

This  famous market is known as "folding Umbrella market". The train tracks that run through the middle of the market are


Running Boarding Onto Moving Train In Myanmar

And you thought boarding the New York subway was crazy. In Myanmar the train doesn't stop for you. You have to


Running On Departing Subway Train Looks Like Running In Place

If you run as fast as you can on a leaving subway train, you can literally stay in one place.


NYC No Pants Subway Ride 2011

How many times can they do the same shtick? Improv Everywhere pull off yet another no pants subway ride. I'm


Rat On Subway Wakes Up Sleeping Man

New York City is famous for their big fat rats, especially their subway system. One fatty got on a subway


Balls Falling, Boucing On Gel In Slow Motion GE Commercial

Usually, the energy generated when you stop a moving train is dissipated as heat, and is lost. GE invented dynamic