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This Happens When You Put A Brick In A Washing Machine On A Trampoline

Jump, jump - don't this hit make my machines wanna JUMP, JUMP! StreetArtGlobe recently posted this video of the ultimate


John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016

Here it is - the yearly piece of heartwarming christmas emotion in form of an advertising. This time Jon Lewis


Playing With Hundreds Of Water Balloons On A Trampoline

Ahh, spring time. Now we can finally play with fun things outdoors like water balloons and trampolines. That gave Mark Rober an idea.


Washing Machine With A Brick Spinning Bounces On Trampoline

It's a difficult task to be original on the Internet. There's already countless videos demonstrating the disastrous effects of putting


Breaking The Ice On A Frozen Trampoline Is Satisfying

Much of America is shivering under an arctic blast. But in Minnesota it's just another winter day. They're used to


World’s Best Trampoline Tricks Will Amaze You

Trampolines aren't only for kids anymore. The fun, bouncy device can be mastered like any other sport. Acrobatic gymnast Greg


Dad Pops Giant Water Balloon On Trampoline Above His Kids

One dad convinced his kids to lie down under the trampoline as a giant water balloon was slowly filled by


Jumping On A Frozen Trampoline Shatters Like Glass

We don't usually feature single Vine videos, but this viral Vine posted by  is too good to pass up.  After


Elk Plays On Trampoline

Greg Chase and his wife were sitting by their backyard, enjoying their morning coffee when they caught their elk neighbors getting


Trampoline Cliff Jumping

Graham Merwin and his buddies set up a giant trampoline at Clear Creek in Winslow, Arizona. After partying, jumping, and swimming for


Mudd The Bulldog Plays On Trampoline

We humans love to play on a bouncy trampoline, so why not other animals? Mudd the bulldog is one pup


Ultimate Trampoline Fails Compilation

It's brutal, but ever since America's Funniest Home Videos, viewers just can't get enough of people falling on their faces