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Hop Onboard The Shortest Flight in the World

If you're afraid of flying, maybe this short flight is for you. It's over in a breeze! [embed][/embed]


Watch Conans Entertaining Trip To Berlin

Conan visited Berlin and brought a lot of videos back with him to the US. For me as a German


If Airlines Were Honest

No space for your knees, zero tolerance for large amounts of liquids and unpredictable prices - flying isn't always fun.


Where The Heck Is Matt? (2016 Edition)

Four years after his last dancing trip around the world Matt Harding takes us on a spin again. This time


Travelers Discover Their Motel Room Key Works On Every Room

Battle Rattle and his buddy stopped at countless hotels while traveling on their 4,000 mile road trip. But at a small


Guy Shows All The Great Street Food He Found In Columbia For Only Five Bucks

Five bucks isn't what it used to be. You can't even get a 'value' meal at a fast food place


British Traveler Figured Out It Was Cheaper To Fly Through Germany Than Take The Train Home

Jordon Cox the Coupon Kid of was trying to get home from Sheffield to Essex when he made a ridiculous discovery. The


Traveler Gets His Own Private Jet When Commercial Flight Is Empty

Don't you just love it when there is an empty seat next to you on a flight so you aren't


Guy Backpacking Across Southeast Asia With Girlfriend Will Make You Want To See The World

Johan Kaos got to do what countless others only dream about. He and his girlfriend decided to grab whatever they could


Traveling Around The World For Three Years Montage

Many people dream about it, but Walter Chang actually had the guts to do it. After saving up money for years, he


US Airways Doesn’t Allow Musicians To Bring Violins On Plane, So They Perform On The Runway

Musician Nicolas Kendall was traveling with his fellow violinist Zach to meet their bassist in Fayetteville, Arkansas to perform at the Artosphere Arts


Traveler Makes Musical Proposal Video In 26 Countries

After the first date with his girlfriend, Jack Hyer knew he would marry her. He even wrote in his travel journal in