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Giving Trick Or Treaters Random Stuff

Isn't it the worst when that one house gives you apples or pennies for Halloween? It's the one day out


Reverse Trick Or Treating With Door

One of the most popular pics shared around every Halloween is a comic strip made by Doctor Popular which tells the story when a


American Kids Try Candy From Around The World

Trick-or-treat! It's the one day out of the year where parents actually endorse their kids stuffing their faces with sugary,


Awesome Giant Monster At The Door Gives Candy To Trick-Or-Treaters

Ask any kid what their favorite part of Halloween is and they'll all say it's trick-or-treating. Ask most adults what


Family Adorably Spoofs ‘Gin And Juice’ As ‘Kin And Moose’ For Halloween

Like so many families across America, The Holderness Family is getting ready for an exciting family evening of trick-or-treating. But former local news


Cousin Sal Tricks Trick-Or-Treaters On Jimmy Kimmel Live 2013

Jimmy Kimmel Live is well known online for his evil and very viral “I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween


Jimmy Kimmel “I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy” Prank 2013

It has become an online Halloween tradition.  Two years ago, Jimmy Kimmel asked his audience to tell their kids they ate their


Glowing Stick-Man Baby Finally Goes Trick Or Treating

Surely viewers will remember the ultra viral stick man baby costume that exploded online before Halloween. LED nerd Visual Burrito posted the


Grim Reaper Feels Guilty After Terrifying Two Little Princess Trick Or Treaters

Part of the social contract of giving kids free candy on Halloween is that the homeowner gets to scare the


Trick Or Treat Candy Cannon Can Be Used For Good Or Evil

Using simple PVC tubing and a valve, Household Hacker demonstrates how to build a candy cannon just in time for Halloween.  To implement


Giant Falling Spider Prank Brings Little Trick Or Treater To Tears

Halloween is one of those holidays that has a delicate balance for kids. They don't like to be scared that


Reverse Trick Or Treating In Real Life

A few years ago, a 'reverse trick or treat story' comic strip went viral across the web.  "Here's a spin