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Amazing Fan Flip Dunk At Wizards Game

So in between quarters, the mascot gets a bunch of fans to try the trampoline dunk. Three guys seem like…

Inbound Pass Bounces Off Shoes To Score At Varsity Basketball Game

White tries to pass the ball into play and the ball bounces off blue's shoe to score a point for…

Greatest Mini Golf Put Put Shot, Ball Floating On Water Stream Shot

There's nothing worse than when you ball gets stuck in a puddle. Right when the putter was about to swing at…

Derrick Rose Bulls Alley Oop

On a Bulls fast break, Ronnie Brewer tosses the ball up to Derrick Rose, who smashes it down with one hand.

Backwards Buzzer Beater

This could be the ending to a cheesy Disney sports movie. Austin Groff of Twin Valley South High School has…

Roger Federer Tweener Between The Legs Shot 2011

Roger Federer is famous for his tweener, between the legs shots. He pulls off another sick through the legs shot…

Kobe Bryant Backboard Pass To Self Trick Shot

Kobe Bryant throws the ball against the backboard hard enough to basically pass to himself. He takes the rebound, and lays…


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