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You’ve Never Seen A Thumb Trick Like This

The thumb trick is one of the most boring tricks you can imagine, but this one... It's something else.


Clever Dog Shops For His Own Treats

RM Videos uploaded this clip of a clever dog who knows his shopping. Lots of parents sure wish that their


Lizard Waves Back To His Human

thehypnoguy1 has a jedi lizard! That cool trick got him over 200,000 views already. "This is what my Lizard does


Jay Foreman Is Singing One Syllable Out-Of-Sync

This is hilarious! I wonder how long Jay Foreman did have to train this "ability"... "Here's a clip of me


Sick Skateboard Trick By Luan Oliveira

Skateboarding pro Luan Oliveira uploaded this tiny bit of a future video edit, showing him make a huge trick on


Magic Water Marker Making Figure Dance

Just take a non-soluble marker, a little water and let the magic unfold! RM Videos (re?)uploaded this video of a


Hilarious Trick To Never Lose Your Car In A Parking Lot Again

A clever and easy to do life hack by Chootavao that got him to find his car a lot easier


How To Wrap A Gift Just With Paper (And No Tape)

If you happen to have a last minute present, but no tape to put it all together - just do


Smart Dog Opens And Shuts Door Behind Her To Avoid Bathtime

Matt Goodwyn uploaded this video of his dog showing some impressive escaping skills. Always block the path of your chasers!


Playing Dominoes With Bricks

If you tend to get bored while working in the mid-December sun in Australia, you get crazy ideas. Like these


Unbelievable Bottle Balancing By Rocky Byun

This video from April is going viral right now, showing balance artist Rocky Byun stacking up some bottles at a


Grandma Flips Water Bottle Like A Boss

House of Highlights recently uploaded this awesome video of an even more awesome older lady flipping a water bottle. And