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Awkward Way to Carry Cargo

19 September, 2019

Puppy Dogs First Monday

18 September, 2019



The Easiest Magic Tricks Even You Can Do

The time has come for everyone to unleash their inner magician, it doesn't get easier than this! [embed][/embed]


Jesus Casually Rollerblading In Boston This Easter Weekend

Who knew Jesus was this skilled on a pair of rollerblade skates? Many faces light up when they see him


Drone Does The Best Trick Shots!

Technology is everywhere today. So let's use it in a useful way and make a drone score some insane trick


Combine Juggling And Pool Trick Shots And You Get One Sick Video

We're always interested in trick shot videos, so this naturally came to our attention. A master juggler combined with a great


Casually Explained: Flirting

Flirting on facebook or instagram is easy nowadays, but often we don't know what to do anymore in real life!


5 Simple Life Hacks By MrGear

The oppinions on this new video by MrGear differ a lot. Some his new life hacks seem a bit... cheap?


7 Simple Life Hacks

Slivki Show got another round of simple yet usefull little tricks for your life and all the ones you can


Little Boy Demonstrates His Cool Shoe Tying Trick

If you want to be the coolest kid in Kindergarten / school / the office - learn this epic shoe


Daniel Bodin Lands Huge Double Backflip On A Snowmobile

Wow! Swedish freestyle rider Daniel Bodin has done the first ever double backflip on a snowmobile. Red Bull supported and


Incredible Butterfly Knife Tricks

Curtis Crowe performs some really intense and speedy tricks with his butterfly knife. Kuma Films got almost 200,000 views with


What Else Can An Egg Slicer Cut?

Another round of interesting life hacks from Dave Hax. Who would have thought a simple egg slicer could be that


10 Amazing New Bets That You Will Always Win

Quirkology did release a new issue (the 16th already!) of his "bets that you will always win" series. This time



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