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Man Performs Stunning Recreations Of Sounds Of Nature On Georgia’s Got Talent

It's been a while since a video from the countless Got Talent shows around the world went viral. It seemed


Digital Art On Woman’s Face Will Blow Your Mind

What was once only imaginable in science fiction movies is quickly becoming accessible, everyday technology. Intel demonstrates the power of their real


Bird’s Eye View Of Sheep Herding Is Mesmerizing

There's nothing special about a sheep. But a giant herd of sheep can be stunning. It's all about the perspective.


Grown Man Cries That He’ll Lose His Head After Dental Procedure

There are literally countless videos of people on YouTube tripping out after a dental procedure in which the medications are


Paint On A Spinning Drill In Slow Motion

Remember those fun art kits from a while ago that would spin a piece of paper really fast for kids to


Grocery Store Turns Into Trippy Dog Dream Using Google’s Deep Dream

It seems the world's most popular search engine is always cooking up something strange and weird these days. Their latest outrageous


Boy Demonstrates Mind Blowing Contact Juggling

There's juggling and then there's contact juggling, an ancient art form that is trending again now in which an artist attempts


Anti-Tobacco Commercial Is Weirdly Packed With Memes

In an apparent attempt to be relevant and cool, it seems like the marketers at the anti-tobacco group Truth Orange threw in a


Pixel Animation Made With 1,300 Rubik’s Cubes Is Awesome

Most people can't solve a Rubik's cube even once. But Mystery Guitar Man and his crew solved over 1,000 Rubik's cubes countless


OK Go Stars In Visually Stunning Chinese Commercial

Rock band OK Go were one of the first musicians to leverage the power of YouTube and make a viral music


Your Brain On Shrooms

Humans have been ingesting psychedelic mushrooms for thousands of years. Today, they are more commonly referred to as magic mushrooms.


Ice On Frozen Pipe Melting From The Inside Out Is Mesmerizing

As March continues on, the promise of spring is in the air. Slowly, after a frigid winter, Mother Nature is