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Truck Narrowly Misses Stopped Traffic

Truck Narrowly Misses Stopped Traffic

[rumble][/rumble] I was driving along an noticed the truck was not going to stop at the traffic light. If it…

Truck Takes Out Community's Cable

Truck Takes Out Community’s Cable

[rumble][/rumble] On just another typical summer evening in a suburban neighborhood, we heard a loud bang and looked out the…

Cement Truck Tips and Falls

Cement Truck Falls We got a pretty big fil to watch today. In today's clip we get to see how…

Oh yeah? – Say that to my face

Helicopter Pilot Asks Trucker For Directions

So this happened. Zello Kaz got over 1.4 million views for this crazy traffic intervention. via: blameitonthevoices

Daring Truck Driver Drives Through Flooded Louisiana Streets

The United States Postal Service's unofficial tag line is well known. Neither snow nor rain nor heat. This truck driver…

John Oliver On Auto Lending

Cars are a necessity for most Americans as public transportation in even the biggest of cities is barely good enough…

Driving A Landcruiser Through A Deep Pond

The Toyota Landcruiser is famous around the world as one of the most versatile and tough SUV's around. But Toyota might…

Out Of Control Semi-Truck Just Misses Parked Truck

An Aussie truck driver was traveling down the road when he pulled up to see a fallen tree blocking the…

Dash Cam Video Demonstrates Why You Shouldn’t Tailgate Or Brake Check

We've all been there before. We're late and driving in the left lane when some idiot is cruising under the…

Fedex Truck Driver Performs Perfect Reverse Parking Into Narrow Garage

Many people struggle just backing up into a parking space. And they have a backup camera. But this FedEx truck…

Semi-Truck Tries To Cross Tracks At Last Moment, Is Hit By Train

Viewers in general are confused by this clip. Why, at the last moment before a train loudly blasting its horn,…



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