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A Bad Lip Reading Of Donald Trump

If you follow Trump news, you're guaranteed some frisky oneliners and controversial statements. If you follow content that's being made


Trump Racism

Didn't like his purple sleeves, that's all.


How Was Your Blind Date?

They want to know all about your date, and every little detail matters!


The Secret Of Trump And The Pope

Not sure what to make of this look of the Pope into the soul of the Donald.


SNL Makes Walter White New Head Of The DEA

In the recent episode of "Saturday Night Life" actor Bryan Craston did guest star in his role as Heisenbe... uh..


Jimmy Fallon And 8th Grader Impersonate Donald Trump And Little Donald

It seems late night host Jimmy Fallon has finally found a famous politician he feels comfortable impersonating on The Tonight Show. He's


Dana Carvey Performs Hilarious Trump, Bernie, And Hillary Impressions

This is one passionate and dividing election cycle. It's hard to find anyone in middle. People either completely love and absolutely


If Presidential Candidates Trump And Hillary Were Made Into Retro Video Games

There are a lot of bad videos games out, especially from  the early days of gaming. President Elect is one such game from


Trump Debates Himself On Late Show With Stephen Colbert

As most people who follow politics know, Donald Trump bailed on the most recent Republican Presidential Debate that aired on


Trump Sons Goes Hunting In Africa

This month old video slideshow has just exploded online, with users outraged by the images. Donald Trump's sons apparently went