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Cat Learning How To Trust Fall

It's 100% against a cats instinct, but Didga the cat seems to have no problem with it. Didga learned the trick of…

Little Girl Fails At Trust Fall

Nearly all the trust fall fail videos online features someone convinced that they are going to be caught if they…

Trust Fall Prank At The Beach

Back in the summer, Blake Grigsby went viralviral with his hilarious ‘Trust Fall’-ing Strangers Prank. But after further review, viewers can tell the…

Trust Fall Fail

The worst kind of trust fall failures are the ones where nothing spectacular happens. There's no funny reason the trusting…

Unexpected Trust Fall Fail

There's nothing like a unique fail viral video, and DailyPicksAndFlicks found a great one that was published nearly a year ago.…

‘Trust Fall’-ing Strangers Prank

'Trust fall' is a common team building exercise where one member 'falls' backwards and must 'trust' another to catch them. But…



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