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Lifelike Looking Milk Chocolate Turkey

Last week the 20 pound turkey now this chocolate monstrosity. Grant Thompson did this "thing of random" out of solid


Stephen Colbert’s Thanksgiving Turkey Tips

When the turkey speaks the side dishes shut up. Late Show host Stephen Colbert paid Butterball a visit to help


20-Pound Gummy Turkey

Over 1.2 million views for this "special" version of a Thanksgiving turkey by Vat19. And the 25.000 calories bomb comes


Two Year Old Talks To Turkeys

Perhaps we are all able to communicate with animals like in Disney cartoons, but only when we are children. At


Mailman Fights Off Turkeys With Big Stick

If you ask a child what animal likes to chase the mailman, nearly every single kid would answer "dog." But that's


Baby Turkey Chicks Jump All Over Loving Pit Bull

The pit bull is notorious around the world as one of the most ferocious and violent dogs. But that couldn't


Pregnant Turkey Inside A Turkey Prank

This humorous holiday video is from last Thanksgiving, but has only gone viral now with over one million new views!


Girl Invents Way To Make Bio-Plastic From Banana Peels

Plastics have become a serious environmental concern. The oceans are now littered with plastic islands. The material just won't decompose!


How To Build A Fry Derrick

Foodie and Food Network star Alton Brown is a huge fan of fried food done right. One of his favorites it fried


Street Fighter Car Insurance Commercial

This car insurance ad by Turkish insurance company Anadolu Sigorta has gone viral over the weekend with over 950,000 views! While


Wild Turkey Chases UPS Guy Around FedEx Truck

Snow Biggie was in the cafeteria of the University of Minnesota Hospital for some lunch when someone noticed a battle taking place outside. 


Thanksgiving Turkey Explosion Prank

Not all YouTube pranksters are offering charity this Thanksgiving.  Roman Atwood decided to invite his closes relatives for a nice holiday