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Finally: The American Gods Trailer Has Arrived

Starz has finally released the trailer of American Gods, a highly anticipated TV show that has been promised to us


Forging Elektra’s Sais in Real Life

The guys from "Man At Arms" reforged the iconic weapons of Daredevil'S Elektra. AWE me already got over 500,000 views


Kanye West Soap Opera w/ Bryan Cranston & Jessica Biel

Finally a soap opera I'd watch! The Late Late Show with James Corden invited guest stars Bryan Cranston, Jessica Biel


Mighty Morphin Meower Rangers

This furry parody of the "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" went viral instantly with over 1.3 million views already. And the


Listen To 2CELLOS’ Epic Game of Thrones Medley

Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser aka 2CELLOS play a wonderful medley of songs from "Game of Thrones" with the London


Jimmy Fallon’s Golden Globes Cold Open Is Packed With Stars

Did you see the Golden Globes? Me neither - but that is just because in Germany we sleep at the


Before And After Watching A Sports Anime

Some hilarious analysis trending right now by YouTuber ProZD about watching anime shows like "Attack No. 1" (or "Mila Superstar"


Archer’s ‘Eggs Woodhouse’ In Real Life

This looks really gross! YouTuber Andrew Rea did make a real life version of the infamous "Eggs Woodhouse" from the


SNL Makes Walter White New Head Of The DEA

In the recent episode of "Saturday Night Life" actor Bryan Craston did guest star in his role as Heisenbe... uh..


Biggest Easter Eggs In Westworld

Have you seen "Westworld"? I really liked it's first season and can't wait to see the second (although the finale


101 Facts About The Big Bang Theory

Maybe you have heard of this new tv show about some way too cool nerds and their way too hot


Celebrity ‘Demand A Plan’ Gun Control PSA Recut Showing Hypocritical Celebrities In Gun Violent Roles

By now, most viewers online have seen the celebrity packed gun control ‘Demand A Plan‘ commercial that has aired after the