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Harry Potter VS Twilight Dance Battle

What happens when Harry, Ron, and Hermione bump into Bella and the vampires Edward, Jacob from Twilight? There can be only


Bad Lip Reading Of Twilight Eclipse

The Internet's favorite Bad Lip Reading series has returned to cover a movie that most viewers have already forgotten about, Twilight


Everything Wrong With Twilight In 6 Minutes

Yes. Of course the entire web hates the Twilight series. Nearly half of the obnoxious memes circling the Internet for the past


Bad Lip Reading of The Twilight New Moon

Twilight is the hit movie series everyone loves, or loves to hate. Finally, all the films have been released, and


Honest Trailers Twilight 2 New Moon

It maybe surprising to those who aren't fans, but the Twilight movie obsession is apparently still going on. Finally, the


Robert Pattinson Doesn’t Like Twilight Compilation

Finally. The over half decade obsession with the romance vampire movie series Twilight has ended. Ironically, it's main actor Robert


Bad Lip Reading Of Twilight

Bad Lip Reading has become a staple online for their spot on spoofs and nonsensical reading of famous lips. Their latest


Empty Stadium Dubstep Light Show

Jimmy Diebold took a sweet dubstep remix of M83's Midnight City and synced it up with the lights at CenturyLink Field in Seattle,


George Takei Wants Sci Fi Nerds To Unite Against Twilight

Recently, William Shatner, of Star Trek fame, got into an Internet squabble with Carrie Fischer, of Star Wars fame. The


Kristen Stewart Explains Christmas Story

Twilight star Kristen Stewart has become a world wide sensation from the series, and in the latest film, was pregnant


Twilight Fans Reacting To Breaking Dawn Trailer Compilation

The official trailer for the last installment of the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn, was just released at the MTV Music Awards. Fans


Girl Cries, Freaks Out, Breaks Down Watching Twilight Breaking Dawn Trailer

The trailer for the last and final Twilight film, Breaking Dawn, was just released during the MTV Music Awards, and