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Adorable Toddler Is Confused Meeting Her Father’s Twin For First Time

This adorable video has exploded online, with countless copies peppering YouTube, WorldStarHipHop, and LiveLeak.  Milikeitviral started the trend, though they are


New Born Twins Cling To Each Other In Sink Bath

Last week, French nurse Rochel Sonia posted video demonstrating a special water bath she devised for newborns. In the viral video, she


Jimmy Kimmel Pranks His Security Guard With The Bella Twins

Prank lover Jimmy Kimmel teamed up with the popular WWE identical wrestling duo The Bella Twins to prank his sweet security guard Adelina. 


Star Trek Teleportation Prank

To promote the fact that they are serving Star Trek Into Darkness before Netflix,  put on this dramatic Star Trek Teleportation Prank to amaze


Harp Twins Cover Iron Maiden

The web's one and only harp playing twins Camille and Kennerly continue to trend online.   In their newest piece, they cover Iron


Twins Mimic Dad Sneezing

This adorable baby video was published over a year ago by family video bloggers Jones Party Of 5. Now, after vlogging


Twins Fall Asleep While Eating Spaghetti

In America, it's been a long standing tradition of feeding toddlers spaghetti with the full knowledge they will instantly become


Twin Baby Girls Dancing To Dad’s Guitar What Is Love Remix

Remember the two baby girls dancing to their dad's guitar while munching on peas that went viralviral last week? Well, as


11 Month Old Twins Dance To Dad’s Guitar

Brovadere published this adorable home video two weeks ago, but only went viral now. The video is even featured on Google+,


Blonde Harp Twins Cover Nothing Else Matters

Identical twins Camille and Kennerly Kitt are professional duet harpists and actresses, and go by their show name, The Harp


Quadruplets In The Park Improv Prank

Everyone's favorite Internet improv group, Improv Everywhere, is back again with their latest video that is now trending. In their latest


Twin Nine Month Olds Dance To Music

Barakda123 says, "My twins sons, 9 months old, love to dance! " The best part is when the music stops, the