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Twin Boys Bounce In Baby Jumper To Johnny Cash

You know you have good music on your hands when even the babies enjoy it. Johnny Cash is a great


Twin Babies Top Gun Costume

Halloween may be over, but that only marks the beginning of costumes and Halloween themed videos going viral. Here are


Mom Catches One Of Her Twin Toddlers Escaping From The Crib On Camera

This video was posted in April, but only now went viral around the globe and is featured on DailyMail, ,


Two Asian Baby Boys Dance To Hey Ya

Back in 2003, Outkast' Hey Ya was one of the most popular pop songs. But to these two kids in


Baby Twins Laugh In Sync Together

I feel like there hasn't been a really viral baby video in a while. Well, now's a better time than


Twin Babies Sneeze At Same Time

They say there is a special connection between twins. Here's proof of that. Two cute baby twins in the crib


Twin Babies Have Baby Talk Conversation With Political Subtitles

The original Twin Babies Have Baby Talk Conversation video was a viral video phenomenon. Even CNN and local TV stations picked up


Twin Babies Have Baby Talk Conversation

Two twin baby boys have a conversation that only they can truly understand. They are just old enough to stand


Epic Twins Hip Hop Dancing

One amazing dancer is sweet, and two is even better. But how about we have two twins dancing in sync