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Had Followers Before Twitter


Gordon Ramsay Answers Cooking Questions From Twitter

WIRED brings the cook with the hottest temper together with the social media channel with the wittiest users. Gordon Ramsay


Robert De Niro Reads Mean Tweets About Himself

After the recent Oscar Edition of "Mean Tweets" the people at Jimmy Kimmel Live's present the "Robert De Niro Edition"


Mean Tweets – Oscars Edition

Another round of celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves, that got Jimmy Kimmel Live around a million views already. "The


Donald Trump’s Tweets As An Early 2000s Emo Song

Super Deluxe did the obvious and turned the tweets of US-President Donald Trump into an early 2000s emo song. Sounds...


NFL Stars Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

This new issue of "Mean Tweets" got viral instantly, bringing Jimmy Kimmel Live over two million views withing the last


Every Day Is A Holiday On Twitter

Happy viralvideosunday to you all! College Humor did a neat sketch on all the creative and absolutely existing holidays that


Jon Stewart’s Twitter Fight with Donald Trump

At the "Stand Up For Heroes" evening former Daily Show host Jon Steward made an entertaining stand up regarding his

#FallSongs with Shawn Mendes

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon singer Shawn Mendes did some social media singing. Neat. "Shawn Mendes and The

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #10

For their 10th edition of "Mean Tweets" Jimmy Kimmel got stars such as Hugh Grant, Kate Hudson, Chris Evans, Norman


Famous YouTubers Read Mean Tweets

Jimmy Kimmel has basically featured everyone he could think of on his popular Mean Tweets segment. Finally, no doubt thanks to a


Why Is This Trending On Twitter

If you've ever visited Twitter, you've noticed that there are a lot of strange things trending. Unless you live online, it's