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Ukrainian Woman Captures Terrifying Footage Of Rocket Attack On Her City

As world leaders talk and stall, the civil war in Ukraine continues to rage on. Misis Djyli is a simple crochet artist…

John Green Explains The Crisis In Ukraine

Ukraine and Russia have been in the headlines for weeks now. Still, many Americans are confused by the political crisis…

Ukrainian Man Simply Explains Protests And What’s Going On In Ukraine

Most Westerners don't fully understand the recent uprising in Ukraine. It seems every news source has their own way of…

Ukrainian Honor Guard’s Awesome Hat Fail Recovery

When the leader of a friendly nation visits the president, the troops and guards conducting the formalities are under extra…

Bartender Flair Performance On Ukraine Got Talent

Nearly every country on the globe now has a Got Talent show, and it's no surprise that this impressive bartender…

Russian Speeder Pretends To Only Speak English To Ukrainian Police When Pulled Over FAIL

This Russian driver was speeding in Ukraine and was pulled over by police. While waiting for the officer, the passenger…

Frozen Sea Makes Scary Squeaking Sounds

The Ukraine was just hit by some severe cold weather, so much so that the Black Sea on the shores…

Parkour PK Dog

This dog from Ukraine has got some crazy Parkour moves.


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