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Remember 1986 In Ten Minutes Ultimate Montage

Last month, nostalgia obsessed The Peterson went viral with their Remember 1999 In Ten Minutes Ultimate Montage, which now stands with over 1.9


Ultimate Mascot Fails Compilation

Who doesn't love watching the annoying bird mascot as the baseball park fall on their face? Simply put, mascot fails never get


REMEMBER 2002 Ultimate Compilation

Users of the web constantly feel old. And it doesn't matter what age you are. With a click of the


Ultimate Russians Helping People Caught On Dash Cam Compilation

The Western Internet is pretty far removed the Russian web, but every now and then a major viral video originating


Ultimate Jurassic Park Star Wars Mash Up

One Minute Galactica teamed up with Slacktory to publish this uber nerdy Star Wars vs Jurassic Park mash up. Thinking outside of the box,


Ultimate Wake Up PRANK Compilation

Our friends at Clip Nation scoured the Internet looking for the best wake up pranks. They collected over forty of the funniest,


The Ultimate (Sarcastic) Anti-Gay Marriage Ad

There's no question. LGBT marriage rights is still a hot button issue in America. Most people who oppose new gay


Ultimate Best Of Web 4 Compilation

Our good French friend Luc Bergeron, aka Zapatou, has finally satisfied the appetite of his fans for high quality viral video compilations


Ultimate Internet Memes And Viral Videos Mash Up Music Video

In honor of the holidays and the 2012 year coming to an end, KlickHealth created this ultimate internet memes viral videos mash up.


Ultimate 2012 Movie Trailer Mash Up

Sleepy Skunk compiled a slew of nearly every trailer from all the major Hollywood hits from 2012 to close the year


Ultimate Pop Songs From 2012 Mash Up

As 2012 is quickly coming to a close, the mash ups, compilations, and tributes in honor of the past year


Ultimate 40 Song Christmas Medley

Ahh, the holiday season. A time for turkey, family, and Christmas music. Each year, popular musicians Brett Domino and Steven Peavis are asked to