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Ultimate Girls Fail Compilation 2012

'Girls' are obviously one of the most popular genres online, so it's no surprise mixing 'girls' with a little bit


Ultimate Summer Pop Medley 2012

Popular music producer Kurt Hugo Schneider is back again with his good friend and equally popular online singer Sam Tsui. For their


Ultimate Faceplants Compilation

There's just something about 'faceplanting' that puts all other fails to shame. Viewers just love that feeling, that instinctual recoil


Ultimate Trampoline Fails Compilation

It's brutal, but ever since America's Funniest Home Videos, viewers just can't get enough of people falling on their faces


Gotye Creates Ultimate Somebody That I Used To Know Mash Up From YouTube Covers Of Their Song

So Gotye's mega hit Somebody That I Used To Know will no doubt go down as this year's top one hit


Ultimate House MD Remix

TV show obsessed NCISmelanie spent two month editing, cutting, and mixing video from every episode of House MD into this epic ultimate House MD


Ultimate Best Of Ralph Wiggum Compilation

This Ralph Wiggum super cut was published by alasdairdavidstewart way back in 2010, but it only went viral over the past few months. Both


Ultimate Belly Flop Compilation

The compilation nerds at World Wide Interweb just had a viral hit over Independence Day with their Ultimate Fireworks Fail Compilation video that


Ultimate Famous Viral Videos Compilation Part 2

Tharpless just went viral with their Youtube Haiku Compilation of famous viral videos. The video was a great success, amassing nearly a


Ultimate Fifteen-Seconds-Or-Less Viral Videos Compilation

Tharpless took over fifty popular fifteen-seconds-or-less viral videos, and compiled them into this ultimate Youtube Haiku. The video went viral after being


Ultimate Chuck Norris Movie Trailer

Like bacon and kittens, Chuck Norris is an Internet favorite for no real particular reason except that he's awesome. A


Ultimate Runway Model Fails Compilation

There's just something so satisfying when a runway model falls. Maybe it's because their only job is to walk, stop,