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Awkward Guy Tries To Understand Women’s Underwear

For men, getting dressed takes only a few seconds. Just throw something on and you're ready to go. But that's…

Fabulous Guy In Underwear Wakes Up And Dances On Balcony

After a great Halloween party, Baltimore dancer Krewski went viral after video of his roommate cleaning and dancing in nothing but his…

Roommate Caught Cleaning In Underwear

After a great Halloween party, Krewski woke up to music downstairs. When he went downstairs, he discovered his roommate cleaning to…

Guy Dances In Underwear To Dixie Chicks’ Song “Landslide” At Age 20 And 30

Last summer, the web went crazy after Weepingprophet created a hilarious video of himself having a conversation with his younger self made possible…


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