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The Solowheel Is The 21st Century Unicycle

The Segway is so 2001. Thankfully, Inventist Inc has taken the concept of the Segway one step further with the Solowheel. Instead…

Unicycle Football

Flag football is fun, but is there a way to make the game more intense? Apparently, yes!  Just check out this…

Inappropriate Unicycling

Last summer, English YouTuber Jacks Gap collaborated with his friend Sam Pepper in a silly unicycle video. The duo cycled around the mall, shopping centers,…

Man Rides Unicycle On Row Of Beer Bottles

 Lutz Eichholz wanted to break the world record for riding a unicycle on a row of better bottles. He flew…

Chinese Biker Rides On Bike With One Wheel

'When life gives you lemons,' is the famous American quote, and I'm sure there is a Chinese version of this saying. Whatever…

Man Wears Kilt While Riding Unicycle, Playing Bag Pipes

Portland, Oregon is a pretty eccentric place. You never know what you're going to bump into. You may just see…



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