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Weatherman Perfectly Pronounces “Llanfairpwllgwyngyll-gogerychwyrndrobw-llllantysiliogogogoch”

Most Americans think that England is a little funny. They call the bathroom the 'loo' and french fries are called


Kid Gets Hit In The Face When Soldier Salutes The Queen

Everything surrounding royalty is a big deal. Even the smallest of occasions must be handled with grace and gravity. So


Body Language In Cats

As cats are arguably the most popular creatures on the web, it's a wonder this video covering Body Language Of Cats


Andrew Henderson Performs Insane Soccer Tricks

UK footballer Andrew Henderson is famous for his outrageous freestyle football (or soccer as we Yanks put it) skills. He recently demonstrated


Irish Cabbie Dances With Woman In Street To ‘Get Lucky’

Nismo Ireland was holding a promotional event in Dublin, Ireland when something wonderful happened. Keelan Lynch has his camera ready when a


Teen Performs Set Dancing On Dublin Train

Apparently, not all train rides are created equal. Tanya Comber was on a Dublin train travelling across Ireland to Galway when a


Man Holding Knife At Buckingham Palace Is Tazered

Grant Shepherd was at the world famous Buckingham Palace in London when a "crazy man with a knife to his throat brought


The Motherhood Rap Fiat Commercial Music Video

The web has seen more than its share of dad-themed rap viral videos, but what about mom? Thankfully, Fiat of the


Adele Skyfall James Bond Music Video

Last year, every radio station, arcade, and mall was pumping out Adele. Since her Grammy performance she has slowly stepped back from


Call Me Maybe Geordie British Accent Cover

Nearly all of the countless covers of Carly Rae Jepsen's hit single Call Me Maybe are just simple home performances of


Explaining The ‘City Of London’ Inside Of London

Most Americans don't even know the correct difference between England, The United Kingdom, and Great Britain, but at least they've


Angry Man Destroys T-Mobile Store In England

With so many teens racking up hundreds of dollars in cell phone texting bills, it's amazing there aren't more fathers