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Everything Wrong With ‘Up’ In 16 Minutes Or Less

Another hard truth by CinemaSins who disect Disney's animated movie "Up". "Up is one of the few Pixar movies we

Pixar’s Dug the Talking Dog In Real Life

A cute little prank by Oh My Disney, in which they let people think, a dog could talk to them.


Grandparents Recreate UP In Real Life

Most people who turned on the popular Pixar animated film UP never expected to become teary eyed so quickly. But that's


If Michael Bay Directed Pixar’s UP

Pixar's UP was a great film, but what if action movie director Michael Bay had managed the movie? It would


Censored Version Of ‘UP’

The Jake Vale Show is continuing their popular unnecessarily censored versions of popular cartoons. This time, they unveil that Pixar's UP isn't


UP Flying House In Real Life

Engineers recreated the flying house famous from the Pixar cartoon UP. They spent all night filling hundreds of balloons with


Rent Is Too Damn High Up Mashup

Remix hybrid of the famous The Rent Is Too Damn High Political speech and the movie UP.